Since 2004, Technical Enterprises Company, with its sister company in France, have been awarded many EU and UN funded projects, across the globe.

These projects range from specialised laboratories - Electrical labs, petroleum analysis facilities, water and air quality testing equipment, concrete, steel and ceramic tiles testing for civil engineering labs - to the supply of furniture and specialised equipment to various private and public entities.

These complex projects, often in challenging environments, comprise the supply, installation, commissioning and after-sale service of various equipment and the on-site personnel training. Over the years, we always endeavoured to achieve these tasks to the highest standards and to our clients satisfaction.

No. of Projects
No. of Countries
Thousand USD

List of EU Projects

#Contract ReferenceDescriptionContract ValueCountryDate
1EuropeAid/139796/IH/SUP/DZLaboratoire d'essais mécaniques du Centre Technique de la Mécanique (CTIME)> €500kAlgeriaMay. 2019 - on-going
2EuropeAid/139615/IH/SUP/ZMSupply, Delivery, Installation and commissioning of Laboratory Equipment and other Laboratory Materials for the new National Medicines Quality Control Laboratory (NMQCL)€200k - €500kZambiaDec. 2018 - on-going
3EuropeAid/139337/DH/SUP/LBEquipment for the Internal Security Forces - Lebanon< €200kLebanonJun. 2018 to May. 2019
4EEAS-MV36-DELLBNB-SUP-DIR-2018Furniture for meeting rooms, waiting area, canteen and garden.< €200kLebanonSep. 2018 to Nov. 2018
5UNIDO Project: TFIRQ11004Strengthening the National Quality Infrastructure to Facilitate Trade and Enhance Consumer Protection
Upgrading of Food Processing Enterprises
< €200kIraqOct. 2017 to Apr. 2018
6EuropeAid/137354/IH/SUP/BFFourniture et installation d'équipements de laboratoires au profit du Laboratoire National de Santé Public (LNSP), de l'Agence Burkinabé de Normalisation, de Métrologie et de la Qualité (ABNORM) et du Département des Technologies Agroalimentaires (DTA), Burkina Faso€200k - €500kBurkina FasoFeb. 2016 to Mar. 2017
7EuropeAid/ 137249/IH/SUP/JOSupply of PhytoSanitary Laboratory Equipment & IT and Office Equipment to the Ministry of Agriculture, Jordan€200k - €500kJordanJan. 2016 to May. 2016
8EuropeAid/136158/1H/SUP/MULTSupply of Testing Equipment and Accessories for the Trade and Agriculture Support Programme, Tanzania< €200kTanzaniaMar. 2015 to Dec. 2015
9EuropeAid/135853/DH/SUP/LBSupply of Equipment for the Security and Stabilization Program€200k - €500kLebanonJun. 2014 to Jun. 2015
10EuropeAid/134677/D/SUP/LBSupply of Technical Agricultural and Veterinary Tools for the Ministry of Agriculture< €200kLebanonNov. 2013 to Sep. 2014
11EuropeAid/127996/C/SUP/LBSupply of Equipment for the Security and Rule of Law Project€200k - €500kLebanonJun. 2009 to Jan. 2013
12EuropeAid/121252/D/S/LBSupply of Equipment for the Industrial Research Institute€200k - €500kLebanonJul. 2005 to Apr. 2006
13EuropeAid/122119/SUP/LBSupply of Metrology and Laboratory Equipment for the QUALEB Program€200k - €500kLebanonApr. 2006 to Jun. 2007
14EuropeAid/120050/D/S/LBSupply of Equipment for the Ministry of Environment> €500kLebanonNov. 2004 to Dec. 2005