Since 2013, Technical Enterprises Co. has conducted groundbreaking research on the life cycle energy demand of residential buildings in Lebanon. The company's research objectives are threefold:

  1. Contribute to the generation of new knowledge and data on the environmental performance of buildings, on the global stage
  2. Generate evidence-based knowledge to improve the environmental performance of buildings in a Lebanese context
  3. Inform the company's future and existing real estate projects in terms of life cycle environmental performance

To date, Technical Enterprises Company has produced three peer-reviewed journal articles, in some of the most reputable scientific journals, worldwide. The quality of our research is demonstrated by the more than 150 citations received from the scientific community (Google Scholar, Dec 2019) and the feedback received by international experts in the field on our papers. Technical Enterprises Company is listed on Scopus, the largest scientific indexing database in the world.

‘The analysis is indeed comprehensive, the presentation clear and succinct and the conclusions convincing, even given the high level of uncertainty in this type of investigation’.

Sample of feedback received by an international expert peer-reviewer in our field

In addition, we endeavour to make our research understandable and relevant to the general public. As such, we have written a lay-audience version of each article, in French, published in the respected French-speaking Lebanese newspaper: L'Orient-le-Jour.

Our papers to date are summarised below.

TitleYearTypeLay-audience articleCitationsBeyond academiaLink to paper
Life cycle water, energy and cost analysis of multiple water harvesting and management measures for apartment buildings in a Mediterranean climate2017Journal article
Life cycle energy and cost analysis of embodied, operational and
user-transport energy reduction measures for residential buildings
2016Journal article
Reducing the total life cycle energy demand of recent residential
buildings in Lebanon
2014Journal article