Founded in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon, Technical Enterprises Company is a diversified family-owned firm with activities in real estate developments, general contracting, apartment rentals and building systems and laboratories equipment sales, installation and maintenance.

Our Real Estate and Construction business is concentrated in Lebanon, mostly in the Mount Lebanon area. We have completed dozens of projects in the area especially in Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh where our offices are located.


Our Laboratories business covers the Middle East and Africa. We focus on projects funded by respected international agencies, mostly the European Union. We have executed several contracts in the region whether alone or in collaboration with our sister company in France

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our work. We strive to achieve the best results through transparency, sustainable design, an open-minded approach to problem solving and an advance knowledge of the matter at hand. We are continuously investing to develop our in-house know-how by conducting research in sustainable buildings in Lebanon.


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Technical Enterprises Company was founded in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon as a sole ownership company specialising in the supply and installation of electromechanical systems.  It realised many large and prestigious projects such as the lighting of the sports city in Beirut, the air conditioning system of Beirut International Airport among others.

Through the tumultuous years of the Lebanese civil war, Technical Enterprises Company evolved with the situation and saw its activities shift both geographically, towards the region of Kesserwan, and in scope, towards real estate development. It established itself in Zouk Mosbeh and concentrated most its activities in that area.

In the years 2000’s, Technical Enterprises Company became a family owned business with the arrival of the new generation and it started diversifying its activities. They now encompass real estate developments, general contracting, apartment rentals and building systems and laboratories equipment sales, installation and maintenance.

Our Real Estate and Construction business is focused on residential buildings located mainly in the Kesserwan Mount Lebanon region. Since the early 1980's, we have completed more than 20 projects in the area. Our objective is to provide modern, functional and energy efficient apartments at prime locations. We have built an extensive expertise in sustainable buildings exemplified by our various studies on energy and water conservation. From design to execution, we strive to achieve the highest quality standards and offer our clients the highest satisfaction. We have also developed a large stock of furnished apartments, mainly in Adonis – Zouk Mosbeh, that we manage and rent.

Our Laboratories business specialises in the sales, installation and maintenance of top quality equipment. Whether alone, or in a joint venture with the French company (for projects funded by the European Union), we have equipped many specialised laboratories in Lebanon and abroad. Electrical labs, petroleum analysis facilities, water and air quality testing equipment, concrete, steel and ceramic tiles testing for civil engineering labs, are some examples of the projects we have carried out at, among others, the Industrial Research Institute, the American University of Beirut, the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, the American University of Sciences and Technologies, the Ministry of Economy and the Department of Water Supply in Lebanon. We have also equipped specialised laboratories for the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards in Tanzania, the “Laboratoire National de Santé Publique” (LNSP) in Burkina Faso, the National Medicines Quality Control Laboratory (NMQCL) in Zambia and the “Laboratoire d’essais mécaniques du Centre Technique de la Mécanique” (CTIME) in Algeria. Furthermore, we also supply various furniture, IT and specialised equipment to different clients in Lebanon and abroad, including the new offices of the European Commission in Beirut, the Beirut courthouse and the Training Academy of the Internal Security Forces in Aramoun.